PREORDERS are seasonal! I rotate the art available every two months. This is the best way for me to offer unlimited stock but also a variety to my most patient customers all while I don't get too overwhelmed with orders :)

      Orders go out depending on my workload please let me know if you need a change of address! Please allow up to two months for these to ship as they are all handmade and very time consuming to make. I ship these in batches and as soon as they are ready! 

       INTERNATIONAL ORDERS- I am currently not shipping to some countries due to certain COVID restrictions. I apologize for the inconvenience! All products are in USD! I do not accept international returns due to the high price of shipping.  

      LATEX ALLERGY- A very small amount of latex is used in the manufacturing process then removed. No residue should be left but if you're highly allergic let me know and I can wipe it down with some isopropyl alcohol just to be safe <3 :) 

      Coupon code "ONLYONEEARRING" is a 50% off discount for those who want only one earring of each pair they order to have mix-matched earrings! 

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