SASSY Art History Magnet Set of 5

SASSY Art History Magnet Set of 5

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Bring a touch of art history to your fridge (or car!) with this SASSY set of 5 magnets. Inspired by a few of the classics, these magnets are not only stylish – they're also durable and outdoor-proof, so they'll stay put no matter the weather. Make your fridge an art museum today!



"I Love Art History" David - 2.42" x 4"

"Literally Dead" Ophelia- 4" x 3.18"

"Fuck Around and Find Out" Artemisia- 2.86" x 4"

"Dont Talk to Me Until I've Had My Son!" Goya-  2.9" x 4"

"Baroque Bitch" Fragonard - 2.96" x 3"