"Golden Turner" Lemoine Original Earrings

"Golden Turner" Lemoine Original Earrings

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Introducing the "Golden Turner" Lemoine Original Earrings - a divinely delightful, multi-hued tribute to the enigmatic world of Turner paintings. Lovingly painted by yours truly, these babies are a stunningly vivid slice of the artist's imagination. So come on, give those earlobes a bit of classic artistic swagger and make Turner's ethereal clouds a part of your style!

*Archival giclée canvas print encased in UV resistant resin. These are made to last and with good care will never fade over time.

*Lightweight! These may look heavy but are a lightweight plastic you can wear all day.

*All the hooks I use are hypoallergenic Niobium and work for even the most sensitive skin! 

*Appearance may vary slightly as these are all handmade!