"Home Heaven: Above the Storm" archival giclee canvas print

"Home Heaven: Above the Storm" archival giclee canvas print

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When strong storms hit our coast, the magnificent frigatebird is thrown off course. These birds normally spend their entire lives at sea.  They resemble dragons with the longest wingspan to body ratio of any bird on planet earth. When these birds were studied, scientists were baffled to find out that they will spend up to two months without touching land or water. To me these birds are the epitome of perseverance and dedication. An icon of resiliency in the face of hard conditions. 

Limited edition archival prints on loose canvas sheet. Signed at the bottom and numbered on the back! I print these on demand so it may take a while to ship out! Please refer to estimated ship time on the home page and let me know if you need it by a certain date and I will do my best to make it happen! 

 Frame is NOT INCLUDED~ I got it from https://www.arttoframe.com/ :) 


8x8  limited edition out of 80 

16x16 limited edition out of 60