"Truth in the Fish Story's Lantern" archival giclee canvas print

"Truth in the Fish Story's Lantern" archival giclee canvas print

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My great great grandfather, Papa Codolph loved telling fish stories with his old buddies. Cajuns, we love exaggerating of course, especially for the sake of a good story. But every time a friend's fish story got a little out of hand my Papa Codolph would tell his oil lantern story. He would add to it every time and make it a bit different, but the story goes like this. Papa Codolph was a shrimper, he would trawl for shrimp off the coast of Grand Isle. He would be out on his trawl boat and a huge wave would knock his oil lantern into the water. He would cast another trawl and catch the oil lantern in the next net. And he would say how bright and beautiful the light was! The lantern was as bright as the sun! And his friends would say "Mais Codolph. That can't be true! The lantern was under the water!" And Codolph would say "If you make your fish a bit smaller, I'll turn down my lantern's light" It was his cheeky way of saying "Your story is full of shit!" 

Limited edition archival prints on loose canvas sheet. Signed at the bottom and numbered on the back! I print these on demand so it may take a while to ship out! Please refer to estimated ship time on the home page and let me know if you need it by a certain date and I will do my best to make it happen! 

 Frame is NOT INCLUDED~ I got it from https://www.arttoframe.com/ :) 


8x8  limited edition out of 80 

16x16 limited edition out of 60